When Adam Gasser was 16 he had an epiphany—peace is possible and hip-hop is a vessel to spread that inner peace to all people. This came after years of trials in Beloit, WI, living in poverty and experiencing crime and violence firsthand. Twelve years later he is spreading this peace through the music and movement of Earth to Clark. Gasser has made it his mission to bring the feeling of love back to the streets, and Earth to Clark has succeeded in doing just that.

Earth to Clark seeks to remedy conflict by promoting peace and spreading messages of love and unity, particularly in places and spaces that need it most. What began as Gasser playing music and writing songs has evolved into a vision shared by all four current band members. The band formed organically over time, beginning with Gasser and former member Gregory Boyer in 2014. Collaboration with drummer Mark Atkinson and vocalist Ariana Hartgraves came next followed by and finally bassist Blaine Weber.

The variation in the personal experiences and influences of each of the band members contribute to the diversity of Earth to Clark’s style and genre; incorporating elements of Funkadelic, Rock, Reggae, and Hip-Hop, Earth to Clark celebrates a dynamic sound that draws a wide variety of audience members. Fueled by passion and community, Earth to Clark brings awareness to social issues facing the world today.

Earth to Clark has opened for bands such as The Wailers, Tribal Seeds, Satsang, Dustin Thomas, People Brothers Band, Jon Wayne and the Pain, EN Young, Arron Kamm and The One Drops, New Reb and Chances R Good. They have played multiple festivals in the Midwest including Shangri-La, Project Earth, People Fest, Galactic Get-Down and many more. They have sustained their vision and hope to continue touring as much as possible, traveling the world to spread their message. Their debut album, The Giving Tree was released on March 31st, 2017.

The mission is to spread love and peace using instruments of truth.